Lady Gaga meets
richard neutra

Lady Gaga und Neutraface passen nicht zusammen? Der amerikanische Fotograf Jason Kinney überzeugt uns mit seiner „ode on a typeface“ auf charmante Art und Weise vom Gegenteil. Wir haben ihn gefragt, was in zu diesem Fun-Projekt inspiriert hat und wie es zur Umsetzung gekommen ist.

Neutraface came about as illustrated in the actual video.
I was working up an invoice to send to a client, Lady Gaga was hitting it big at the time, and the two just came together in my head as I was looking through what font to use.
I knew about Richard Neutra but had never heard the name or typeface itself said out loud, so never thought to check the pronunciation, hence the mis-pronunciation in the production of the song.
My partner at the time was a bit of a musician and he knew his way around Garageband, so he recreated the „Poker Face“ instrumental.
He, myself, and a couple of other friends came up with lyrics and then recorded the vocals in our apartment closet.
The video was mostly shot at an advertising agency where one of said friends - Forrest - worked at the time.
I did most of the directing. I‘m usually more of a passive type in a work or creative environment, but when it‘s my idea and I know exactly what I want, I find I can take charge pretty easily, haha.
I‘d never edited video before, either, but with the help of online tutorials I was able to stitch together the footage rather quickly, and get the video up on Youtube.

Fotograf Jason Kinney / Portland
Foto: Jason Kinney
Fotograf Jason Kinney / Portland
Foto: Jason Kinney