„I love basil and mint“

5 Fragen an Michael Stausholm – der Mann hinter den Sprouts – spricht über sprießende Ideen, den Wert von Awards und was er schon Neues plant.
What makes a promotional article valuable?

It is an important tool for corporations and public institutions, NGO etc to easily promote their brand, their message, their event or similar. With Sprout pencils, it is even better, as companies send a distinct green and sustainable message to their customers

How do you „grow“ ideas?

We spend a lot of time and ressources on product development, try to develop products with dual functions as well as products able to grow. Sprout pencil was originally the idea of young students at MIT in Boston.

The Sprout won the Promtional Gift Award at the „Haptica“ in Köln last year. Are Awards important for promotional articles?

They certainly help spread the word and make the product more famous.

What’s your favourite Sprout, what’s still missing on the menu?

I personally love basil and mint – both are useful in food and for mint even in drinks. We have recently added Forget me not flowers as well as Sunflower. Chili and Lavender is probably next.

Will there be a cook book with recipes including sprout grown plants and herbs?

Yes, we are looking into this.

Michael Stausholm (Sprout Europe)
Foto: Rasmus Malmstrøm